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Prefabricated Light Steel House

  • Prefabricated Light Steel House
  • Prefabricated Light Steel House
  • Prefabricated Light Steel House
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Product Description

(Including basic decoration, water, electric power adopting latest energy-saving patents)


Design Fee is about 10% of the total value ($85.5/day per designer) for most general projects.


FOB Shanghai for Light Steel Villa, Complex Building is $106-290/m2 or more.

FOB Shanghai for Light Steel Modern Deluxe Building is $187.5-375/m2 or more.


The Pre-building Advantages
Steel is a remarkable material that has been steadily increasing in popularity for construction. It is recyclable, which offers both environmental and financial benefits, and is especially strong and durable. There are a number of options immanent for sod house with steel, and one of the most innovative of those options are pre-built steel construction buildings. They are planned, designed and in effect pre-built at the factory itself. They are pre-drilled, pre-cut and pre-welded and just need to be bolted together. This can often be done quickly and with a minimum of professional assistance, and sometimes with none at all.

They are quicker, easier and practically less expensive than conventional buildings. Besides, they can be designed as per exact specifications. Elements of the site, other buildings in the area, proposed purpose, and other elements can be taken into consideration. This is the reason for the increasing use of pre-built steel construction buildings for schools, offices, stores, churches and houses.

Pre-built steel construction homes have been very popular in recent years. They offer affordability and flexibility, betwixt many other benefits. There are two kinds of pre-built steel construction buildings: modular and manufactured homes. Whether you’re creating a manufactured home, modular home, pre-built steel construction buildings offer a vast adorn of affordable and durable options.

Home & Office Supplies (1) - Electrical Appliance Price List
* The price here is the retail price (USD) without Shipment Fee yet.
* We can show you the picture of any item you want to see.
* The wholesale price will be given according to the ordering quantity.
* The goods not included here can also be wanted and ordered, we'll produce or organize them quickly and completely.

^^ Cellphone lenovo 5" CNY2500

^^ LED TV BOE 32" CNY1099/skyworth 4K39E780U 39" CNY3599

^^ Roll Washing Machine haierXQG60-812 CNY1799

^^ Refrigerator TCL 66L+103L CNY1099


^^ Please ask for any others

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