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 Only accept correctly filled POI or PII to start any business

 2024-04-11 News (For Contract )  



Modern strategic energy is energy easily collected and safely supplied  



"Modern Strategic Energy MSE" and UFO




 “Oil in the sky” - Modern Strategic Energy MSE



Proper Gravitation Energy PGE: Human sustainable energy (3rd edit) 


 PGE: zero lacking-power, zero unemployment




PGE (Proper Gravitational Energy) develops strict implementation of latest energy modernization standards as follows:
1. No filler replenishment required. Fillers refer to fuels, such as oil and gas, radium and plutonium, heavy water, charged electricity, etc. (supplementation seriously hinders energy-using mobility and sustainability)
2. No need for long distance power-transportation. For full employment, it only needs to be transmitted within the industrial park;
3. No energy-using time limitation. As long as the life of the parts is not terminated, energy can be continuously fetched anywhere from the sky in all weathers;
4. No waste emission and storage required. Waste materials include harmful exhaust gas, waste residue, waste liquid, etc.


From 2023/9/1, PGE technology transfer fee and deposit increases  

to 0.5%/month from present 0.2%/month

                 deposit changed



For POI (Purchase Order Intention) or PII (Project Investment Intention), please see:

Filling in POI or PII is the first thing to any business. Please inform us in the meantime through the page "Contact Us"  on this web.


PGE Reference:

A new era is being arrived from finite point energy towards infinite super-high field energy


Popular introduction and Theoretical mechanism about PGE published


Global recruitment: Successful designer and producer of single power supply OPA


Standard of pre-tax remuneration

PhD degree graduated with a monthly salary of RMB 250,000 yuan
Master's degree graduated with a monthly salary of RMB 230,000 yuan
Bachelor degree graduated and manager with RMB 200,000 yuan as a monthly salary

The most important thing is health and technology, regardless of age
Consultation or application: office@shmsno.com    Backup: msno_admin@163.com
Only a few will be the winners


Please Contact -
Mr. Louie Wong
Chief, MS&O Project Management Affairs Office
Project Construction Company Group
E-mail: office@shmsno.com
Worksite Telecom (Telephone & 24 hr. SMS): 86-188-00365739
(Previous 8621-65922987 & 86-13524549596 are discarded, please write us your phone number and unit name first to register.)
Web: http://www.shmsno.com
Post: Shanghai P.O. Box 083-122



We are designing, prefabricating/manufacturing, transporting, installing and project-exporting company group. We have power to build a district of hundreds constructions within a short period on turnkey basis. We accept custom-made orders to meet any given standards, for either the complete building or separate parts.

Based on Shanghai, we are a major one in the construction line in China. We are closely related to the Chinese No 1 iron and steel conglomerate - Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation (Baosteel). We have the right to import and export and have our own shipping logistics company.

The advanced construction is the steel configured - the galvanized or painted steel framed - one. The steel-framed building is cheap, beautiful, durable and can stand the earthquake or hurricane if needed as well as quick on-site completion, so it's the trend of modern construction manner.

We have the first-class production lines producing various kinds of steel construction material which can bear the skyscraper, large span factory building, space truss, over-lengthy girder, colony buildings such as workshop, warehouse, airport, curtain wall, mall, apartments, hotel & motel, hospital, school and etc. Meanwhile, our material member companies are manufacturing all sorts of panels and other construction materials.

We have perfect quality certification system and quality detecting means to guarantee the quality of products and projects. We give excellent post-sale service getting extensive praise from our clients.

Besides the prefabrication, we are building all constructions in traditional manner too - building on site - if preferred by customers. 

Related to the construction, we design and build various projects from the very beginning, including the land exploitation.

We are custom-made builders and all available designing rights are reserved by the owners. Full construction environmental conditions and the data of geological & hydro-graphic reconnaissance/survey on your building site, filled into or attached to the Ordering Form, are needed to start our quotation and contracted design. 

Our services include:
1) Geological determination and survey
2) Infrastructure construction 
3) Foundation building
4) All above-ground buildings
5) Complete or partial construction design
6) Construction according to available design
7) Offering necessary construction facilities & materials
8) Offering outdoor apparatus and indoor furniture matching the construction
9) Professional equipments and production-line design
10) Professional equipments or production-line production, installation and test
11) Sending our engineers to direct/assist the project
12) Sending our workers to take part in the project
13) Local technological or technical training
14) Maintenance after establishment

For more information about The Usual Construction Procedure, please refer to our Trade Message on this web.

(Our latest new products and their prices are usually put in the folder "News" first. The prices listed here subject to change without notice in advance.)

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