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Info: Chinese 5-star Hotel Standard

Publish Date 2009-10-16
In China, high standard hotel includes 5-star hotel and super-5-star or platinum-5-star hotel. The standard for 5-star hotel is:

1 General requirements
1-1 Reasonable dividing of hotel functions, convenient and safe using of hotel facilities.
1-2 High rank indoor and outdoor decoration with deluxe construction and decoration materials.
1-3 The information, picture and symbol published in hotel meet the LB/AT001 standard.
1-4 Equipped with central air-conditioning system.
1-5 Installed with background audio system.
1-6 The whole hotel is managed with the aid of computer system.
2 Lobby
2-1 Commodious space, deluxe decoration, ample light.
2-2 The front counter with necessary Chinese and English signs gives 24-hour reception, consultation, checking-in/out.
2-3 The customer can leave words, check-out in one time, use credit cards and exchange the foreign bill 18 hours per day.
2-4 The main counter supplies clients with printed information introducing hotel's services, living rates, local map with English notes, travel recommendation, traffic schedule together with news papers and magazines.
2-5 Accepting direct room-reservation all the time, setting up lobby manager, duty manager, gate receptionist, Bellman and coffers opened only by both the customer and hotel worker simultaneously.
2-6 There are leisure area within the non-operating space for the guests and provide the guests with person-seeking or car-renting services, there are slopes in the entering and public fields for disabled people to get through and wheelchairs for them to use.
2-7 Speaking at least two foreign languages (one must be English) while telephone exchange station must say at least three foreign languages (one must be English), all letters on indexes and in serving places must use at least Chinese and English.
3 Guest room
3-1 the least number of rooms/suites for rent is 40, 70% of them have room surface (excluding the bathroom and corridor) no less than 20 square meters and at least 5 of them are deluxe suites; there are special gust rooms for disabled people.
3-2 The gust rooms are decorated in luxury with luxurious simmons mattress bed, secretaire, almirah & clothes rack, tea table, chair, bedstand & bed lamp, reading lamp, floor lamp, full-body mirror, baggage rack and other first-class furniture.
3-3 Rest rooms are decorated with luxurious construction materials for floor, wall and ceiling, installed with excellent ventilating facilities, 110/220V power outlets, subsidiary telephone, hand-dryer, body balance, advanced toilet, toilet table, bathtub & shower fitting, filling with both cold water and hot water 24 hours.
3-4 Furnished with DDD (Domestic Direct Dialling) and IDD (International Direct Dialling) telephone, colour TV, audio instruments; the closed-circuit television has channels no less than 16 and at least 2 self-opening channels.
3-5 Prepared for the tenants, there are the 5-star-hotel-featured stationery, nightly turn down service, 24-hour beverage (cold or hot drinking water and ice, free tea or coffee), meal service on wheels for breakfast and dinner; there may be mini-bar in the guest room.
3-6 Other services: morning wake-up, leaving words, dress washing (wet or dry)/ ironing/sewing and shoe-polishing.
3-7 Every guest room is cleaned every day - changing the bed sheet and pillowslip and complementing the daily necessities and consumer goods.
4 Meal
4-1 There opens layout-reasonable and decoration-luxurious Chinese restaurant offering at least 2 different styles of Chinese foods.
4-2 There opens layout-reasonable and decoration-luxurious foreign restaurant offering foreign style foods cooked from the corresponding special foreign kitchen.
4-3 There opens distinctive and elegant cafe offering self-service breakfast and foreign dinner.
4-4 There exist proper size of banquet room and self-closed groggery.
4-5 All the department Supervisors, the Bell Captains and the Attendants can speak English to serve the guests.
4-6 Cold dish and dim-sum are prepared in separated rooms equipped with powerful cooling machines; the cold dish room can be air-disinfected by sanitizing apparatus; the preparation space and the cooking space are isolated from each other; the refrigerated store is big enough to keep foods fresh; the garbage should be put into special and sealed bin.
5 Public field
5-1 The parking field is spacious enough to contain all cars; there are enough number of high-quality elevators, furnished to top grade in the elevator car, for guests matched with necessary service lifts.
5-2 Installed with the public phone machines accompanied with the local calling directories.
5-3 There exist gentleman and lady rest rooms.
5-4 The shopping stores sell necessary merchandise, souvenirs, arts and crafts for the trvallers.
5-5 The business affairs center can sell stamps, post mails, offer services of telegraph, teletex, fax, international-long-distance-phone, domestic-baggage-consignment, film-developing and typewriting.
5-6 There establishes infirmary.
5-7 Helping to book traffic, theater and visit tickets.
5-8 Organizing city sightseeing activities.
5-9 Always keeping effective emergent lighting devices and special wires.
6 Opting items (to be continued in the Simplified Chinese Box)

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