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Info: The Usual Procedure of Prefab Construction

Publish Date 2009-10-16
The Usual Procedure of Prefab Construction

The Preparation Period:
According to the buyer's filled ordering form, provided by seller as the blank one, or definite price level and other demands including custom-made plan draft, the seller proposes the possible budget and scheme as well as the schedule of the building project. This stage ends when both of seller and buyer reach an accord.

The Contracting and Deposit-paying Period:
A contract, paper-printed or electronic, is signed and exchanged by both sides. The buyer sends the L/C and cashes the deposit within the deadline limited in the contract to let the seller's bank check and confirm.

The Design Period:
If there are no complete design drawings or no available design drawings for pre-built construction, there must be a design period to design and draw all necessary drawings meeting both two sides' standards collected for and sent to the designers by each side on time. The eventual design result should pass the examination of the relevant authentic departments. The design period can be charged separately in advance.

The Guaranteed Sample Period:
In the district of hundreds or thousands of houses to be built, after contracting and receiving of the L/C and cashed Deposit, the Seller sets up, if possible, a sample of real house according to the contract and the available drawings for both sides' examination and modification until reaching the final decision written into a contract's attachment file signed by each relevant side and company.

The Training Period:
The seller can train the technicians sent by the buyer's side for one month or more. The learners should install at least one complete pre-built house themselves to master the skill.

The Transporting Period:
After 60 days from receipt of L/C and cashed Deposit, the seller begins to transport the prefab components and parts from China to the destination port and the buyer begins to cash the shipped products every time B/L's are written.

The Building Period:
Then begins the formal building of pre-built construction on available foundations organized to make by the buyer before the first and late ships arrive in. If the buyer asks the seller to install all or partial houses directly, or build the construction totally, the Chinese oversea labors' additional costs covering traveling, boarding, insurance, encouraging wage and etc. will be counted into the budget.

The Authentication Steps:
The building and completed house should be authenticated by buyer's or, if necessary, both of two sides' authentic departments and each side pays their own department.

The Complete Step:
When all the houses are completed, the buyer cashes the last payment, if any.

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