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 As our successfully developed new energy application, Proper Gravitational Energy (PGE,with OPA named MSE,  that is, Modern Strategic Energy) perpetual motion machine tool can drive all types of instruments running endlessly in their lives, like in the universe each gravity-driven rotating star is a forever-moving body within its life. PGE is full spectrum energy of which the photo-voltaic energy is only a part (with different manner to get it in our machine). Receiving in unit volume measurement for proper gravitational energy is far better than measured only in unit of area for photo-voltaic or CSP energy. Proper gravity on our Earth which can be got is infinite, there is no end to their exploitation - far more than all the petroleum oils obtained plus to be obtained; in addition, the proper gravitational energy is all-weather and any-direction; furthermore, among all existing energy sources, including coal, petroleum, thermal power, hydro power, nuclear power and photo-electricity, the preparation for proper gravitational energy production is the shortest (no need for digging deep mine, or laying long pipe, or building large dam, or elevating high-tension lines, or occupying vast area of land, etc.) and the proper gravitational energy production cost is the lowest. Therefore, the gravitational energy becoming a main human choice for green energy has been just around the corner of the trend. 
After your engineer doing the MSE UNIT personally and successfully under our proposal in your office in China with high security, the MSE exploiting technology transfer fee is equivalent to 2.0-6.0 billion USD plus all transfer expenses and will be kept to the end of 2019. The lump sum payment for buyout of MSE technology is the best choice, from 2020.10.1 up to the end of 2020 the buyout standard is:
   For company-self using, 2.2 billion USD plus all transfer expenses;
   For whole-country using, 4.4 billion USD plus all transfer expenses;
   For whole-globe using in all fields, 6.6 billion USD plus all transfer expenses.

From 2021/7/1, each above fee and deposit will increase again at 0.1% every month. The initial deposit is up to equivalent one hundred one million US dollars after tax (USD101,000,000.00 after tax) while the minimum is 0.03 billion US dollars after tax  (USD30,000,000.00 after tax). Any manufacturer of proper gravitational power station/plant built in China can, after the paid deposit, pay the technology transfer fee by installments from the product profit at the definite contracted percentage without the paying period-limit. The transferred party after signing of the contract should obtain the authority approval. Applicants can write in "Contact Us" section on or directly email through to contact the Shanghai MS&O Project Management Affairs Office for further information. Welcome negotiation.

From 2023/1/1, MSE technology transfer fee and its deposit will increase to 0.2% of each total fee per month. The in initial deposit is 25% of total transfer fee and all funds need to be paid within three months.

 We can offer full service from beginning of factory establishment to production trying as BOT.

 Any machinery manufacturer, such as a tractor, a car, or other that has been or is preparing to change from oil and gas to electricity, can cooperate with us to try MSE Energy.

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