Proper Gravitation Energy PGE: Human sustainable energy (3rd edition)

Proper Gravitation Energy PGE: Human sustainable energy
(3rd edition)

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PGE (Proper Gravitational Energy) develops strict implementation of latest energy modernization standards as follow:
1. No filler replenishment required. Fillers refer to fuels, such as oil and gas, radium and
Plutonium, heavy water, charged electricity, etc. (supplementation seriously hinders
energy-using mobility and sustainability);
2. No need for long distance power-transportation. For full employment, it only needs to
be transmitted within the industrial park;
3. No energy-using time limitation. As long as the life of the parts is not terminated,
energy can be continuously used without any restrictions;
4. No waste emission and storage required. Waste materials include harmful exhaust
gas, waste residue, waste liquid, etc.

To fully understand what is PGE and how to get PGE, it requires considerable
level of theoretical physics and technology of electronic circuit. This article seeks
to explain as easy as possible what is PGE and why PGE is human sustainable

PGE is an Abbreviation for Proper Gravitational Energy in English. The so-called proper or intrinsic gravity is not general gravity, but gravity that is linked to the static mass. To understand this, we need to know the important physical law
about wave-particle duality.

Wave-particle duality refers to both the characteristics of waves and particle
characteristics. In classical studies, objects are always clearly differentiated into
two categories: waves and particles. Light is an example of the former; the latter
is what people often mentioned matter. Einstein's 1905 doctrine made people
begin to realize that light waves have the dual nature of waves and particles. In
1924, de Broglie put forward the hypothesis, believing that, like light, all matters have wave-particle duality. According to this hypothesis, electrons also have waving phenomenon, which is confirmed later.

The discovery of proper/intrinsic gravitational energy, as theoretical predictions,
once again confirms that the proper mass of electron, not only creates current in
the form of particles, but also waves in the air to form electromagnetic waves.
This kind of electromagnetic wave resulting from the proper mass is a kind of
special gravitational wave. Its electromagnetic force is a special kind of
gravitation, and its electromagnetic energy is a kind of special gravitation energy
called as the Proper Gravitational Energy (PGE).

PGE is full spectrum energy of which the photo-voltaic or CSP energy is only a
part (with different manner to get it in our machine). Receiving in unit volume
measurement (i.e. can be superposed on layers) for proper gravitational energy
is far better than measured only in unit of area (i.e. only one layer, can not be
superimposed) for photo-voltaic energy. PGE energy on our Earth which can be
got is infinite, there is no end to their exploitation - far more than all the petroleum oils obtained plus to be obtained; in addition, the proper gravitational energy is all-weather and any-direction; furthermore, among all existing energy sources, including coal, petroleum, thermal power, hydro power, nuclear power and photoelectricity, the preparation for proper gravitational energy production is shorter (no need for digging deep mine, or laying long pipe, or building large dam, or elevating high-tension lines, or occupying vast area of land, etc.) and the proper gravitational energy efficiency ratio is high (energy-out/energy-in up from 10000%) and production cost is lower. Therefore, the gravitational energy becoming a main human choice for green energy has been just around the corner of the trend.

We have completed the theoretical mechanism of PGE in the 1980s and 1990s
and successfully discovered PGE electromagnetic signals from the air in early
2011. We acquired PGE in the air in 2014 and driven electrical equipments such
as computers, electric fans, electric lights and etc. In 2017, fulfil automatic control for PGE production. At present, is planning to build various PGE product factories.

In fact, PGE is the only sustainable energy mankind has ever obtained. We have already published the theoretical mechanism of PGE in international academic journals,(Please get from:

At the same time we are willing to transfer technology. Hope that PGE can
accelerate the development to be flowers bloom in energy.

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