[NEW] Free PGE transfer to any "Small Bang" supporter

"Small Bang" experiment , imitating "Big Bang" in cosmos, will tend to a sustainable supply of large energy. Free PGE (Proper Gravitational Energy) technology transfer except deposit to any supporter of "Small Bang" if able to provide us all experiment apparatuses including magnetic confine and super conduction. ~ Favor to all ITER members.

Abstract of "Small Bang" theory
Zeron is the most elementary particle which is the quantum of essential quantization in proper mass system (proper system for short) - when its speed is less than c it is an implicit particle; but when its speed is equal to c it becomes an explicit particle. An infinite set of zerons distributed in whole space all over the entire space-time can form a field - zeronic field, of which either a zero-proper-mass particle or a nonzero-proper-mass particle can be composed. There exists a stable intrinsic core in a zeronic field, from which many important fundamental properties in particle physics such as the electron mass can be calculated when that the de Broglie wave corresponds to not only a relativistic frequency but also a relativistic waving vector is reasoned. In the final part, to see the important role of stable intrinsic core, the calculating consequence of heavier baryon masses in octet and decuplet started with essential quantization is introduced. When essential quantization is derived from initial differential geometry on curves and surfaces – helix sequence – as a typical macroscopic quantum effect, many important quantum phenomena such as quantum geometry and quantized loops are quite natural and necessary results. Especially from quantized loops being contracted, Big Bang is sure to be aroused while being prevented from by the stable state in zeronic field, one practical scheme about such a controlled Bang beyond this stable state is suggested. This document is written using only two parameters h and c.

Key words: essential quantization, zeron, zeronic field with intrinsic core, ether field, macroscopic quantum effect, quantum geometry, quantized loop, controlled bang